As an additional assistance, we also provide services of experienced contractors / applicators as per the type & size of various works. The contractors are well versed is use of our products for optimum results & costs. Following are the type of works, where such applicators are available as our associates -

A. All types of waterproofing application jobs -
We provide expert applicators for all types of waterproofing application jobs for residential , Commercial, Industrial buildings. While providing the service, our contractors ensure that they deliver 100% results and within the budget to attain maximum clients' satisfaction.
B. Structural Repairs for concrete –
We offer a wide range of Concrete Structural Repair Services. This is rendered by highly skilled professionals using excellent quality products and advanced technology.
C. Tile Fixing using specialized, high quality adhesives –
Many associate tiling contractors work with us with highly skilled & efficient masons. Being proficient in using quality adhesives, they deliver jobs with precision & asthetics.
D. Application & use of Epoxy systems –
Experienced contractors are available for Epoxy application jobs like industrial & pharmaceutical floors, steel structures, injection of epoxies & PU products.
E. Protective coatings for Concrete & Steel structures –
Concrete bridges, Cooling towers, Chimneys & other tall structures need protection from Carbonation, Pollutants & environmental gases. We are providing application jobs for various projects since 25 years using international quality products based on acrylic polymers & solvent-based products.